Video Creation for Small Businesses: 4 Things You Need To Know

There’s a reason why video advertising commands high prices. If you think a still image is powerful, a video has the power to influence and persuade. And thanks to the ubiquity of the internet, anyone with a camera and some skills can start creating marketing videos right away. Whether you’re launching your brand or promoting a new product, you can rely on video ads to give you the results you need.

Videos are so powerful that they account for almost 80 percent of all online traffic. Online videos surpass audio, photo, and text in terms of virality. Over a quarter of the world consume digital media regularly, and thousands of hours of content are uploaded every day. According to a market study, social media users are more likely to share videos than image or text posts. You’ll want to partner with an animated promotional video production company if you want to boost your brand.

More and more businesses are pivoting to video for their marketing needs. Marketing teams today now resemble content production houses, churning hours of content for consumer consumption. However, video marketing isn’t as simple as posting a video on your page. Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of your resources.

1. Create a calendar

The internet often seems random and haphazard, but there’s a precision involved in posting marketing content to social media. Television shows air simultaneously every week, and the same is true for online videos. As a general rule, you want to post videos at regular times and intervals for maximum viewership.

You also need to plan your content carefully. Some brands post interconnected episodes that follow a plotline for social media users to follow. Another idea is to create videos around themes that you can then reuse with variations from time to time.

Once you’ve figured out your content plan, the final step is to create a schedule for your videos. The best time to upload your content is on early weekends, followed by weekday afternoons. Make sure to stick to your schedule to build familiarity and hype.

2. Focus on your products

The video is a visual medium, and it only makes sense to put your products front and center in your marketing material. But there are other ways to showcase your wares without relying on advertisements. For instance, if your products require user guidance and instruction, you can create a video series to explain its functionality. Video supplements add value to your products and can be used to increase revenues or drive sales.

It also helps to partner with other content creators to feature your products. Many shoppers rely on reviewers to make an informed decision. Let’s say you sell electronics. You can send review units to top content creators to build hype ahead of the launch. Just make sure you’re sending out a polished product. Nothing sinks a product faster than negative reviews.

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3. Create a narrative

The video format is often used to flesh out a narrative. We often watch films or television shows for the plot, and you can apply the same concepts to video ads. You can write an ad that tells the story of your brand or product. You want viewers to forget that they’re viewing an ad. Be sensitive in the treatment, and don’t push your agenda too hard.

The rise of videos also means that people want something new. You can’t just publish generic ads and expect the same results. Consumers today are more discerning and crave authenticity. Video ads that feel like an ad are more likely to fail, so think of a way to connect with your consumers that doesn’t feel contrived.

4. Cultivate an image

Brands have relied on video advertisements to cultivate their image. Ads don’t just sell a product; they also promote an idea. Luxury brands use their ads to cultivate an image for opulence and style. Tech ads present an image of a present that’s cutting-edge. Think about your brand and what you want to accomplish. You can then use that information to add depth to your video content.

The bottom line

Video is an incredibly powerful medium that can change people’s opinions and push them to do something. These four tips will help you create better and more compelling videos for your brand. With people spending more of their time on social media, it’s important to include video as a part of any marketing strategy.

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