Integrating Art & Media into Everyday Family Life: A How-To Guide

  • Art and media can be naturally included in your family’s routine, offering learning and bonding opportunities.
  • Encourage children to explore different artistic mediums and activities, like making collages and having art nights.
  • Family photoshoots allow for shared experiences and memory-making while honing photography skills.
  • Watching educational films together can stimulate discussions and broaden understanding of different themes.

In today’s fast-paced world, families are always on the go, juggling busy schedules and multiple responsibilities. But amidst all the chaos, it’s important you never forget about the small moments of joy that bring people closer together. Incorporating art and media into your family’s daily life can serve as a source of inspiration, learning and a way to create lasting memories. This blog post will discuss some tips on how you can make art and media a natural part of your family’s routine.

Make Art Part of Your Everyday Life

The first step in incorporating art into your family’s daily life is to make it a part of your routine. It can be as simple as spending a few minutes sketching or painting together after dinner or taking your kids to a nearby art museum over the weekend. You could also do the following with your kids:

Encourage Them To Create Art Using Different Mediums

Encouraging your kids to create art using different mediums opens up a world of creativity and exploration. You can introduce them to drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, or even digital art. This can help them discover their preferred medium and expand their skill set. For instance, one day, they could be shaping clay into figurines, and the next, they could be creating a vibrant watercolor landscape. The key is to keep the process fun and engaging rather than focusing on the end results.

Make a Collage With Old Magazines and Newspapers

Creating a collage from old magazines and newspapers is not only environmentally friendly but also a wonderful opportunity to spark creativity and storytelling. You and your children can cut out images, headlines, or anything else that catches your eye and arrange them in a way that tells a unique story or represents a specific theme. This activity cultivates attention to detail, narrative development, and basic design principles.

Have a Family Art Night

Setting aside a specific night each week for a family art night can be an incredible bonding experience and a wonderful way to ignite your family’s collective creativity. This doesn’t just have to involve drawing or painting; you can explore various forms of art such as pottery, sculpture, or even performance art like theater or dance. Each member can contribute their unique ideas and creativity, leading to the creation of unique and meaningful art pieces.

mother doing art with baby child

Take Family Photos

Taking family photos is not just about capturing moments but also about creating memories together. Whether it’s a casual selfie during a family game night or a more formal pose captured by a professional family photographer, these photos serve as visual narratives of your family’s journey.

Over time, these images become treasures, evoking nostalgia and smiles with every glance. Moreover, if one of you has a keen interest in photography, this can be a perfect chance to let them play the role of the photographer, learning and honing their skills while creating beautiful keepsakes.

If possible, you can also try incorporating different elements into your family photoshoots, such as dressing up in coordinating outfits or choosing unique locations.

family photo taken in the living room

Watch Movies and TV Shows Together

Watching movies and TV shows together as a family is a great way to incorporate media into your routine. This activity can become a gateway for open discussions and learning opportunities. Choose programs that are age-appropriate and have educational value. You can discuss the themes, characters, and moral lessons presented, fostering critical thinking and emotional intelligence. Here are some examples of movies that you can watch:

Inside Out

“Inside Out” is an award-winning animated film that offers a unique and insightful look into the complexities of human emotions. By personifying emotions as characters within a young girl’s mind, the film provides excellent content for family discussions about feelings, coping mechanisms, and emotional health. It’s an ideal choice for parents seeking to engage their children in conversations about their emotional experiences and understanding.

Hidden Figures

“Hidden Figures” is a biographical drama that tells the true story of three brilliant African-American women working at NASA during the Space Race. The film is an inspiring depiction of their fight against racial and gender biases to play crucial roles in one of history’s greatest operations: the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit. It provides an excellent platform for family discussions about equality, perseverance, and the importance of math and science.


“Coco” is a heartwarming animated film that beautifully illustrates the importance of family and remembering ancestors. The story unfolds in the colorful and musical world of the Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead. As the young protagonist, Miguel embarks on a mystical adventure in the Land of the Dead, the film imparts valuable lessons about love, sacrifice, and the enduring bonds of family. It’s a splendid choice for families seeking to introduce their children to different cultures and traditions through a captivating narrative.

Incorporating art and media into your family’s daily routine can have numerous benefits. It provides a creative outlet for your family and can encourage the exploration of different art forms. By engaging in these activities together, you can also strengthen the bond within your family and create lasting memories. So why not start incorporating art and media into your family’s daily life today? Remember, it only takes a few simple steps to make something extraordinary out of the ordinary.


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