Designing Your Eco-Friendly Wedding: Tips to Follow

When two people who love Earth pledge their love for each other, they also promise to care for the planet that has given them so much. This is why an eco-friendly wedding is a perfect way to celebrate your nuptials and show your commitment to sustainability.

According to the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the need to protect the planet is urgent because of the acceleration of the environmental crisis. Fortunately, awareness is increasing as a survey in January 2022 showed that 75 percent of Americans are supportive of the participation of the U.S. in global efforts to fight climate change.

Your eco-friendly wedding will contribute to the increase in awareness. It’s important to ensure that every aspect of the event aligns with your commitment to saving the environment. Here are some tips on how to make your big day as green as possible.


Choose among the best wedding venues set amid nature. You and your guests will be able to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings while helping preserve it. To make sure that your chosen venue is eco-friendly, ask about their energy-saving practices, waste management policies, and other sustainability initiatives.

If the venue is not located near public transportation and does not have its own shuttle service, organize ride-sharing among your guests. If there are not enough cars to accommodate everyone, it may be better to hire one large bus instead and have those with cars leave their vehicles at home.


Eco-friendly weddings start with responsible vendors. Work with caterers who use locally sourced ingredients, florists who grow their own flowers, and bakers who use organic flour.

You can also support small businesses in your area. Book local service providers such as photographers, videographers, musicians, and transportation companies that use eco-friendly practices.

Ask your vendors if they use recycled paper products and biodegradable materials in their work. If they don’t, see if they are willing to switch to more sustainable options for your wedding.


For your decorations, go for simple and elegant centerpieces made from recycled materials. You can also use potted plants or fresh flowers that can be replanted after the wedding. Add natural materials like bamboo, leaves, and vines when decorating instead of synthetic materials like plastic or metal. You can also use paint made from natural ingredients instead of conventional paints.

If you’re looking for something more unique, try using upcycled items such as antique plates, vintage vases, and secondhand silverware as part of your tablescape. These pieces not only add character to your decor but also help reduce waste.

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Your invitations are one of the first chances to set the tone for your eco-friendly wedding. Choose invitations made from recycled paper or plantable seed paper printed with soy-based inks. You can also forgo physical invitations altogether and send out e-invites instead.

Eco-friendly weddings often have a rustic theme, so consider using earthy tones and natural materials in your invitations. This will give your guests a better idea of what to expect on your big day.


As a way to thank your guests for attending your eco-friendly wedding, give them gifts that they can use in their everyday lives. This is also an opportunity to introduce sustainable materials for their regular use.

Instead of single-use items like plastic straws or disposable cups, opt for reusable items such as metal straws or bamboo cups. You can also give away seeds or plants that they can care for and watch grow.

Photography and Videography

When choosing a photographer or videographer, look for those who use eco-friendly practices in their work. This includes using digital cameras instead of film cameras, editing photos using natural light instead of artificial light, and printing photos on recycled paper.

You can also ask your photographer or videographer to use sustainable packaging when sending you your photos or videos. This way, you can be sure that your wedding memories will be preserved without harming the environment.

Wedding Outfits

For your wedding outfit, check among your family if there are clothing items you can use. It would make your wedding even more meaningful if you and your partner are wearing outfits from your parents or even grandparents.

You can also go for secondhand or vintage clothing. If you have someone who can sew the outfits for you, you can redo outfits from secondhand stores or add sustainable materials such as organic cotton, linen, hemp, or bamboo. Another option would be to rent all the wedding outfits.

This is also a good opportunity to ditch the conventional white wedding dress and go for something more unique and personal. Consider wearing a color that represents nature or choosing a style that reflects your personality.

Wedding Rings

For your wedding rings, consider using recycled metals or conflict-free diamonds. You can also opt for alternative materials such as wood, glass, or stone. There are many eco-friendly jewelers who can help you find the perfect rings for your big day.

Your wedding is a chance to celebrate your love while also being conscious of your impact on the environment. Your eco-friendly wedding doesn’t have to be perfect, but following these tips will help you plan a day that is beautiful, unique, and responsible. With a little effort, you can create lasting memories while preserving the planet.

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